Calkins, Burke & Zannie de México S.A. de C.V. originated with the opening in 1914 of Calkins & Burke LTD, located in Vancouver Canada, which is now at the forefront in the providing processed foods for private label supermarket chains in Canada and the United States. In Mexico, Calkins, Burke & Zannie of Mexico began operations in 1993, The Company also manages and develops food products for private labels of Supermarkets and grocery stores in Mexico and some other countries in Latin America. Likewise, we have our own brands, such as Corina, which have been introduced into the whole sale market and into the self-service markets of Mexico and for our Brand name "Astra" which is specifically for institutional products or food services.

Our company in México mainly handles canned food products. Having a rough line of 90 different products in its different presentations.

Safety Policy

In CBZ Mexico SA de CV, we sell and distribute a wide variety of food and pack products with quality and safety for human consumption, with the continuous participation of our employees, who are the main asset. We commit to implement and maintain a quality management system, safety and social sustainability to prevent injuries and illnesses in employees , promote continuous improvement and compliance with national and international standards and regulations required by the system and our customers.


To be a nationally and internationally renowned company exemplifying honesty and transparency where everyone of our employees and partners are essential in achieving our goals, trained to be committed to excellence and grant our costumers and consumers the best food and canning at a competitive cost.


Continue to produce and distribute quality food, healthy, nutritious and convenient at low cost; Continue to invest in technology , achieving the various national and international certifications, under the strict quality control and safety in all our products and processes; Maintain our sustainable growth and continue to provide our employees, partners and customers greater opportunities.